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State of the Spotted Bass Report Lake Shasta

buisness sign

My fishing partner Andrew keeps track of the state of the fish while working for Phil’s Propeller and Tackle as a store manager. Phil’s is located just off of I-5 north of Redding, CA  about 6 miles, in the City of Shasta Lake. This store has been likened to a Read more →

April PreSpawn

Spotted bass on the boat deck

The April PreSpawn really heated up along with the weather as the water temperatures climbed into the high 50’s and low 60’s. The spotted bass were getting super aggressive, and were attacking anything presented near to the territory  marked for a spawning bed. The biggest problem associated to presenting a Read more →

March is Driftwood Danger for Bass Anglers on Shasta Lake

The past few years of extreme drought in California left this state dry, dry, dry, and dry conditions makes for a tender box of fire availability, and yep, the fires raged on. What does all this fire stuff have to do with bass fishing? Here in northern California many of Read more →

New Winter Cold Water Bass Tech

Spotted bass and soft bait tube lure

I am going to attempt bringing you up to speed about how I have been applying new tech, (for me), on the spotted bass of Lake Shasta since this winter/spring past. This enormous lake was pretty well drained after the years of drought California has experienced. Luckily, this year was Read more →

Back in the Saddle

Where the heck have I been? Well, not to bore you with stuff, I had some medical issues that didn’t allow me to properly research, so I just kind of put off writing stuff for you. My Bad! I did begin some serious bass fishing here in northern California, however, Read more →

Send Pics

I was talking with a old friend of mine the other day, and she asked me to send her pictures of me. Now, she is well aware my passion is fishing. Most of the pictures I have are of fish, and not me. When I brought to hand a sea Read more →

Bugs Bugs Bugs !

Fall River Evening

      I had hoped to get some of my own “Bugs” photos of the 2013 hex hatch, but when it began I was so busy casting I forgot all about it! Sorry. I did find this video on You Tube though. It shows a similar hatch on a Read more →

The hex hatch is On

A boat dock at sunset on Lake Shasta

        Spending the day being guests of the Spinnerfall Lodge, and exploring the broad spring creek waters that are Fall River has left my friend and I pretty pooped out. Sack  time by nine o’clock, and up for a complimentary full breakfast buffet by eight. We weren’t Read more →

Very First Hex Hatch Experience

Fully adult hexagenia limbata

My fishing pal and I were ready for the legendary Hex Hatch on Fall River. We had been reading up everything we could find on the internet about the hexagenia limbata. This time in late June was perfect and we were ready! Where to stay Our arrival at the Spinner Read more →

Presidents Day on Lake Shasta

New fishing tackle

The lack of rainfall through out the month of January is presenting an opportunity for anglers to explore much of Lake Shasta for great spring like success. Turbidity of the water is clearing each day, and the color is greening up. I noticed my downrigger weight is visible on the Read more →

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