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Photo Galleries

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This is a place for visitors to upload fishing photos they are proud of. There will be no off color images allowed, and I will delete them immediately. As I said, this is a place for fishing folk! All images placed here are subject to copywrite protection for Ketchinnee

 Picture Upload Instructions

There is a box to choose the pictures you would like to upload right above this post. The box is just before the “Browse” button. If you know the file name, type it in the box, or just click the browse button and choose from your picture directory. Once you have included your choices, and written a description of each photo in the box just above the upload button, click that button. I will take a little time for the exchange to take place, so please be patient. If all goes well a message indicating success will be displayed to you. I will be sent a message of your upload, and will add them to the gallery from my end.  I thank you for these images.

Mr Hook

One Thought on “Photo Galleries

  1. grasshopper on December 4, 2012 at 2:56 pm said:

    Mr.hook please to show me how photo gallery works.. maybe include some instructions… for us dummies out here in the fishousphere….

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